Franklin Melendez is a freelance writer and sometimes curator based on the West Coast. He contributes to a wide range of sites and publication, including Artforum and Vogue Japan.

1. Like the E channel on acid, DIS Magazine is an amazing dystopia of consumerist waste assembled together by a very keen cast of intellectually geared fashion kids. The stories range from the best jeggings to Goth looks in trees. This is fashion made so absurd it is indigestible as fashion. As brilliant as it is spazzy, it also provides some of the smartest social commentary around. Oh, and the ‘make over’ pages are hilarious.

2. Kathy Grayson’s blog, Art From Behind, makes me nostalgic for the mid-aughts, but it also chronicles a certain approach to art and curatorial practice that I think is relevant and important, even if I don’t share the same aesthetic parameters. I always like her road trip pictures, they make me wish I had more fun.

3. I have to give big props to Patricia Maloney and Art Practical. The website was developed with a Bay Area focus, but now it has cast a wider net. It really has been integral to mobilizing a new generation of art discourse in somewhat sleepy San Francisco.  Smart, locally minded but not regional, it’s become a great venue and strong voice in the neighborhood.

4. I know it’s been around for some time, but Art Fag City continues to be my favorite place for art world gossip and slightly catty commentary. It must be said that the art world is often times in dire need of both.

5. Sang Bleu is ostensibly a tattoo magazine, but it is so much more. Their website provides an amazing mix of art, music and style—all with a bit of hard edge which I always have a weakness for.

6. This Long Century offers a mixed bag of personal insights, ephemera and other whatnots from artists and designers. It’s an intriguing mix of folks, ranging from Larry Bell to Helmut Lang. Some of the entries are better than others but all are worth a good browse.

Jace Hudson featured on

7. My initial recommendation was going to be Teen Angels Magazine which had a full archive of this amazing low rider ‘zine that launched in the late seventies. Unfortunately, the site is now defunct. However, Lowrider Arte provides a taste, as well as a wide range of Lowrider art, perfect for aficionados and novices alike. And if you’re looking for nifty tattoo ideas, this is a great place start.

8. They hardly need the plug, but Contemporary Art Daily is easily one of the most visited sites on my browser (at least G rated ones). I love the simple format of just pictures and install shots. Sometimes that’s all we really need. I cruise it all the time to check out shows, see what galleries are packin’ and just get a lay of that land. It’s pretty darn good.

9. It is a well-known fact to all my professional associates and collaborators that I am a die-hard fan of mixed martial arts. I often visit the UFC website to get all my updates on upcoming fights, as well as insights into the mental states of the top fighters. The workout tips are good too.

10. There are a lot of style blogs and most of them are pretty tedious, which is why Advanced Style stands apart from the rest. It chronicles the style exploits of the Golden Girls set. I am constantly invigorated to discover that there’s more to fashion in the twilight years than floral kaftans. I would aspire to be included in such illustrious company one day.