10 of the cutest kittens in the world

little king kitten

The majority of us could spend a long time looking at the cutest kittens. Whether they have nap time, are playing, or carrying out other cat bussines, the sight of those little furry balls can definitely melt a heart or two. And when there’d end up being a contest with regard to cuteness, we have been certain that these cute kittens would win it.

A view of these small kitten may make a day better, and considering that we’ve not produced a post about the cutest kittens in the world, it is a time to make right this mistake. Consequently, we, the staff from ThereIsNoThere compiled this set of the world’s many adorable kitten photos.

The further you scroll, the heavier your dose of the cutest kittens will be – from street tabbies to rare cat breeds, through short haired or fluffy cats. Enjoy.

10# Kitten hiding from Human: “He hasn’t seen me yet”

100# cutest cat
source: randymarshmallow

This kitten is only a few weeks old but still a contender for the cutest kitten. But lets see if the next one can be any cuter.

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9# She’s so small she fits in one Hand.

source: Devsector

In fact she weighs below 400 gramm and is not much bigger than a hamster. Carefull handling is advised, but the cuteness factor pushed this cat to #9

8# Dreaming of Cat Heaven…

Cats can dream too, in case you didn’t know. Animals expirience REM sleep just like humans do. And exactly like humany, they can talk or move while doing so. Funny and realy Cute.

#7 If it fits i sits, with my brothers

These three guys seem to just have woken up.

3 brothers preparing to rule the world. But maybe after another nap…

#6 Snow White without the 7 dwarfs

source: cutecatzone

Nothing special on #6, besides a gorgeous cat sleeping. This kitten is propably less than 3 weeks old but we are no experts in cat bilogy. But one thing we can say: CUTE!

#5 Little Lion King

source: countincognito

Small tiger on #5 with propably the cutest look on this list. Fluffy, Cuddly what else to you need for the cutest kitten in the world.

#4 Panther on the hunt

source: mysterywithabeautifulsmile

Great picture of a juvenile kitten propably playing with a fellow human.

#3 Hide and Seek with the owner and best friend

source: joeymeadking

#2 Hey, don’t put it away, ill kill ya

Kitten interacting with a Toy, he has beautifull eyes, dont you think?

#1 In our opinion, the cutest kitten in the world goes to these two brothers.

This video plays like the original Charlie bit my finger, but its better, because its with cats. Kittens to be precise. Cuteness overload? Try it with something dark and unsettling. Discover why Hisashi Ouchi was kept alive, although he wanted to die. Or do you prefer to see more Cute Animals? Check out our Animal Category to discover more!

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Enjoy your day and Stay Awesome.

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