Emu eggs for sale, but should you buy them?

emu egg hatched

Lately, we’ve seen emu eggs for sale are all around the internet. Even though it is a rare species, people around the world do their best to produce and hatch eggs so the demand will be met. But do you have everything it takes to provide for an emu? You found an emu egg for sale and don’t know if you should buy it?

But let’s start at the beginning. What’s the price of an emu egg?

Empty emu eggs for art start as cheap as 25$ on eBay but eggs with a chance to hatch the emu egg are way more expensive and can go up into the thousands depending on the ancestry.

So if you are looking for emu eggs for sale for the purpose of crafting your accessories, you should know there is a difference in emu eggs color.

The eggs will lose some, but not all the colors over time. Whatever you do with them, because of the structure, they will last a long time. As long as you don’t break them at least.

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Emu egg for hatching, which one to buy?

If you are looking for an actually alive egg that you can hatch, there are 3 rules of thumb.

  • Ask the seller for the fertility rate. Not all eggs will be able to be hatched successfully. That’s why you should buy several eggs and try to hatch them simultaneously.
  • Size matters. The bigger the egg, the fitter the young emu will be and the bigger his chances of survival.
  • You need a good hatching device to be sure to not kill the egg. Prepare before you do anything by reading around the internet and get a feel of what emu eggs need.

Are there emu eggs for sale to eat? Are emu eggs edible?

Yes, they are perfectly edible. Mostly you will find emu eggs for eating that are specially bred for eating. 

Emu eggs are sold in many countries around the world like Australia. There you can prepare your dinner with an emu egg. In Europe, it is not as common, but if you search around the internet for an emu farm, you could get lucky. As far as we know, there are no big emu egg sellers on the internet but if you look around you can find addresses of farms where you could buy one.

How is the emu eggs taste?

The taste of an emu egg is comparable to an ostrich egg. So if you already tried that, you will probably not notice any difference. If you like eggs in general, there should be no surprise for you.

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Is it worth the money?

In many countries emu eggs are expensive. Not so in Australia where there are easy to come by. Depending on your country of living it could be very easy or very hard to obtain one.

Can I afford to keep an emu after it hatches?

If you live in a city and are looking for emu eggs for sale you are doing it wrong. Emus need space, a lot of space. Also, emus are not pets. They are livestock like chickens or cows. So if you are already used to keeping livestock around and caring for them, it can change things up in a positive way, if you get an emu egg hatched.

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