New Mysterious Underwater Sea Creatures found.

underwater sea creature

A group of scientists on an expedition found new deep-sea creatures around 630m deep under the sea.

The team of scientists was led by Nerida Wilson working at the western Australian museum found new and unknown underwater sea creatures. The scientists, on behalf of the nonprofit organization “Schmidt ocean institute”, found the creature when they expected it the least, at around 630m deep.

robotic arm of one of the submarines
High tech equipment used by the Institute. Credits: Schmidt Ocean Institute

The finding was unexpected as the submarine was on the way back up as the scientists already finished their work. Most of the scientists already left the control room as the finding happened. Quickly after they captured the first glance at the underwater sea creatures, the scientists got back in the main room.

The newly found siphonophore looks like a spiral flying saucer!


At the moment the actual diameters of the siphonophore are still unknown but the scientists suspect, that the entire creature will be over 120 meters in length. Another creature waslooked like a cute cat with ears. The underwater sea creatures were caught on camera and the crew assumes, its around 3 times longer than one of the biggest whales, the humpback whale.

The siphonophore isn’t the only finding. The team of scientists discovered over 30 new species of deepsea creatures on their expedition.

All the findings are only possible because thousands of engineers and other scientists, build the equipment to dive as deep as 44 km- For this challenge, you need specialized equipment you can’t buy of the shelve.
In this case, the researchers used two high-tech vessels. One with a crew, and another ROV (remotely operated vehicle)

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Underwater sea creatures on screen. With the scientists which discovered them. Credits: Schmidt Ocean Institute

The group took more than 20 dives, just to discover a load of new underwater sea creatures that weren’t catalogized until today.

Imagine that, every dive you take, you find another beautiful new creature just to be discovered. In the deep sea lays not only our past but maybe also our future. Who knows what hides deep underwater and of what use the creatures could bring.

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