Damon Bayles Biography – Clinton Kelly’s Spouse

Damon Bayles with his husband

Damon Bayles ‘s birthdate is not known, but he is the husband of Clinton Kelly. There is not much known about his early life. His early life remains a secret. It is known, that he studied BoA at brown university. He also later studied psychology at the university Yeshiva.

Clinton Kelly and Damon Byles are married since 2009. They got married in their hometown in Connecticut (Bantam).

There is not much known about the career of Damon Bayles. He works as a psychologist with a specialty in anxiety and various other problems. For example addiction, substance abuse, and depression. He is a private psychotherapist at Greenwich village New York and he conducts seminars for Equinox Health Clubs.

What services does Damian Bayles offer?

I approach working with my clients through traditional psychodynamic methods and utilize techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Systems-Centered Therapy for couples and groups.  In addition to working privately, I provide seminars for Equinox Health Clubs and their Tier X coaching program on health psychology, mindfulness, and facilitating behavior change.  

source: damonbayles.com

So Damon offers the following

  • Traditional psychodynamic methods.
  • Techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • Techniques from System Centered Therapy for couples and groups.
  • Seminars for Equinox Health Clubs and the coaching program.

If you need any of his services, feel free to contact him on his page. Do you know Jacky Braasch?

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