Jodi Faeth – The Sad Story of Mike Wolfe’s Wife

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Mike Wolfe is a renowned reality star who appeared on History Channel’s American Pickers. He is married and a proud father. Mike has a son and a daughter and he loves to share things about his amazing family.
Mike and his wife Jodi Faeth are a great couple and they proved it time-and-again in their life. Everything was going great in their life until Jodi got diagnosed with cancer. Although she struggled with this health condition, she is very much alive and she is inspiring millions. Let’s find out more about Jodi Faeth and her cancer battle.

Jodi Faeth with her Husband and Child.

Who is Jodi Faeth?

Jodi Faeth is Mike Wolfe’s wife. Although her exact date of birth is not available, it is believed that she was born in 1972 in the United States of America. Yes, she is an American citizen. Today, she is popularly known as Mike Wolfe’s wife, who is a renowned American reality TV star, writer, producer, collector and treasure hunter. I bet you know American Pickers.

Jodi Faeth with her Family
Mike Wolf with his wife and his JR. (Source )

Jodi Faeth early life and education:

Jodi was born in an American middle-class family. She was raised by her parents. No information available regarding her father’s occupation, but her mother was a housewife. She had finished her schooling in 1985 and then she went to a university for completing her bachelor’s degree. She completed her college studies in 1990.

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Jodi Faeth career:

Jodi is a celebrity, but she does not reveal a lot about her personal life and Mike also does not reveal a lot. As per the information is available in the public domain, Jodi is a housewife. Those who want to know Jodi Faeth age, she is 48. Although she has worked as an accountant before, she resigned from her job after her pregnancy.
She later rejoined her office in 2017 and today she is a wife, mother, and a professional working as an accountant. Some people might say that she does not need to do any job, but Jodi is a well-educated and professional woman who knows how to maintain a great balance between her personal and professional life.

How did the couple meet?

The Couple Jodi Faeth and Mike Wolfe together.
Lovely couple, aren’t they?

Thousands of Mike Wolfe fans want to know how he met Jodi and how their love story started. We are revealing the truth.

They first met in 1994 and they started dating during the same year. Jodi and Mike dated for almost 2 decades before moving ahead in their relationship. Mike and Jodi got married on 8th September 2012.
People would say that the couple waited a lot before being serious in their relationship, but that is not true. Mike has always been there for Jodi and today also he is with the love of his life. They had celebrated their honeymoon in Hawaii and that’s when they decided to grow their family.
She got baptism in October and soon Mike and Jodi became parents. Their daughter Charlie Faeth was born on January 30, 2012, and later they welcomed a baby boy. Today, Jodi, Mike, and their two children live in Iowa, USA.

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Jodi Faeth hobbies:

She loves to travel. Mike and Jodi went to Hawaii for their honeymoon right after getting married and they spend many days there. They also travelled many other scenic locations in the USA since they started dating. Jodi has also gone to Turkey and Greece with Mike on a vacation.
She loves watching her husband’s American Pickers TV show and that’s another wonderful hobby. You may have seen her a few times on the show if you have been watching History Channel’s American Pickers. Jodi also loves to watch movies. “Catch me if you can” is her favourite movie and the Friends TV series is also one of her favourite TV shows which she has watched.

Jodi Faeth net worth and appearance:

Jodi is a 52-year-old woman. She has beautiful blue eyes and brown hair and she is 1.67m tall so she weighs approximately 128lbs. She has a personal net worth of $100,000, but her husband is a rich reality TV star who owns more than $5 million. Jodi’s appearance can puzzle anyone because she does not look like a woman in her 50s due to her well-maintained physique.

Video with Jodi Faeth’s Husband Mike Wolfe. Short Interview worth watching.

Jodi’s life after getting diagnosed with cancer:

Although cancer is a curable disease, it has claimed many lives till the date. Millions of people are struggling in their lives due to this deadly disease and celebrities are not immune to cancer. Health issues occurred in Jodi’s life during 2013. She got diagnosed with cancer at that time and all the happiness came to an end in Jodi and Mike’s life.

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The diagnosis revealed that Jodi is suffering from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which is a type of cancer that badly affects healthy white blood cells. Jodi’s cancer got diagnosed quite early and therefore she was lucky. The couple took all the necessary actions to cure this disease. She had chemotherapy multiple times and also a surgery to cure this disease.

Jodi Faeth daughter health issues:

Jodi’s daughter Charlie was born with a lip with a cleft. The couple identified this problem quite early and they went for a treatment to get it cured as soon as possible. The doctors performed two reconstructive surgeries and now she is fine.
Jodi and Mike faced several tough issues after being in a relationship. They dealt with problems and now they are a happy couple with cute children. They are married for almost 8 years now and everything is amazing in their life. Want More Gossip? Read about Dionne Lea Williams.

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Barb Talaber

We watch American pickers all the time. Sorry to hear about Jodi. Your in our prayers. How come Mike never talks about his son? He only has mentioned his daughter. Which by the way is so very cute.


I have been watching American Pickers for 3 years. I love it. I think Mike is a humble person. Hope he will never influence by fame.
Just a thought. I would like him to think to broaden out to my country of birth. I watched when he went to Italy with Frank.
Both Mike and Frank is a force to reckon with. Daniela research is unbelievable. What else can I say.

Beverly Hummel

We will miss Frank on the Pickers. Have watched since early years. Disappointed no Frank.

Kathy finkelstein



Mike is an ass. What he did to his Family is terrible to say the least.
I hope Jodi rakes in all his cash and assets.
Everyone I know stopped watching when he did that AND when Frank left the show.
double barrel.


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