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The Australian actor’s daughter Julian McMahon and American actress Brooke Burns is Madison Elizabeth McMahon. She is an academic and volleyball player. Madison had been born in California on June 10, 2000. In 2001, her parents split.

Besides, there are plenty of things about the life of Madison that you may not know. We have therefore listed a few interesting facts about young athletes today.

Where and When Born?

Madison Elizabeth was born on June 10, 2000, to parents Brooke Burns and Julian McMahon in California.


Her father Julian McMahon had mastered the “magic,” actor and producer in their entire skills. Her mother, Brooke Elizabeth Burns, is a TV character, model, and actress best known for her role on TV shows, TV shows, and TV series like “Baywatch.” At the end of 1999, about two weeks later, on w22 December, Julian asked Brooke to get married, and they bore Madison Elizabeth, their daughter, on 10 June 2000. In September 2001, they finally divorced. Because Julian cheated on Brooke in the movie “Charmed” with the actress Shannon Doherty.

Madison is also the granddaughter of Sir William McMahon and Lady McMahon, former Australian Prime Ministers (Sonia McMahon). She came from a prominent family, therefore.

The parents of Madison are now married to someone else. Brooke’s mother of madison married Gavin O’Connor, a film director. They have Declan Welles, a three-year-old daughter. Madison’s father married Kelly Paniagua, on the other hand.

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Madison was without a doubt a handsome young woman in some of Elizabeth McMahon’s relationships. But she wants to remain private in her personal life.

Madison had a relationship with Nate Hayes, her boyfriend. He was a soccer player for the Demon Deacons Wake Forest. Nothing known about the two are dating or not. An unknown boy Appearances in her VSCO account also appeared, apart from Nate. The dating life of Madison is a mystery from now on.


Madison Elizabeth McMahon lives with her dad and stepmom in her home city Manhattan Beach in California. She studied in California at Marymount High School. In 2018, she finished high school.

The young athlete decided to study more. The daughter of Julian is at the University of Wake Forest. As soon as she graduated from secondary school, she began college.


Madison, Brooke Burns’s daughter is an athletic young woman. She’s a sports enthusiast, and volleyball is her favorite sport. The young athlete participated in the volleyball team of her high school. She also belonged to the Elite Beach team.

Beginning of her Career:

She finished third in the United States during McMahon’s high school career. McMahon has been a twice-named First Team All-Greater Miami Conference Artist, scored over 300 hits each season in high school. She injured her elbow most of the season but came back to completion last month. She now holds the record for Lakota West High School’s highest number (1086). She started 34 of 37 games on the right, a freshwoman from school, but was forced to play 37.

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In 2011 with several great games, McMahon had a dominant presence. The Big Ten All-Freshman team was named to her. With fourteen games out of 30, M. Simone opened his sophomore season. She led the team in blocks in 2012 and led the 2nd team with 400 runs, the highest in her college career. McMahon reached the 1000th assassination in her northwest career in her younger years. She was 21st overall and 124th overall among all active actors in the industry at the end of the season. As a senior, McMahon began each match as a hit. And ended a total of 396 hits and 110 volumes in the season.

The Big Ten with 10 points per set and 13th place per set finished in his season. For her outstanding performance on the volleyball field in the community at the school, and she was granted the Senior Class Award. Until her high-ranking senior year, McMahon was appointed to the All-Big Ten Academic Team. McMahon made her professional debut at the 2017 Pan American Cup in the American women’s volleyball team and won a gold medal. After that, Annie Truss, a Purdue coach, was replaced by a coach’s decision for the next season.   

Current Career:

Since 2014-17 and since 2016-18, Madison has played for Sunshine Volleyball Club and the Southern California Volleyball Club (SCVC). In the 2018 Pacific Qualifiers this hard-working player finished fourth and played with USA High Performance 2. Elizabeth kept playing volleyball after high school. She is now playing for the volleyball team from Wake Forest.

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Social Media:

On Social Media Sites, Madison Elizabeth McMahon is not very active. Her Instagram account has only a few posts, and she has 5.2k followers. Visit her Instagram Here.

Madison is highly active on VSCo, often uploading photos of herself, family, and friends. She likes to stay with their friends, you can see. She has an account with Twitter, where she regularly tweets.

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