Sandra Zober: The Wonderfull Wife of L. Nimoy

sandra zober with leonard nimoy

Sandra Zober was a very popular and famous American actress. She was born on December 16, 1927, in Cordova, Alaska, United States, has studied at the University of Southern California and was Leonard Nimoy’s first wife. She gained her celebrity status as the wife of Leonard Nimoy.

Sandra Zober, Leonard Nimoy, and William Shattner

Her parents were Archie Zoberblatt and Ann (Grand) Zoberblatt, and her sister was Frances Zoberblatt Adler.
She married Leonard Simon Nimoy on February 21, 1954, in Los Angeles, California, United States. She married only 26 years old but they were married until 1987 when they divorced. They had 2 children named Adam Nimoy and Julie Nimoy.

Quick Facts about Sandra Zober

  • Born: December 16, 1927, in Cordova Alaska
  • Died: April 2, 2011, Westwood in California
  • Education: University of Southern California
  • Spouse: Leonard Nimoy (m. 1954–1987)
  • Grandchildren: Dani Schwartz, Jonah Nimoy, Madeleine Nimoy, Spencer Schwartz, Alex Schwartz
  • Children: Julie Nimoy, Adam Nimoy
Leonard Nimoys wife, Sandra Zober, has supported Nimoy in his early years.

Who Was The Husband Of Sandra Zober?

Sandra Zober married Leonard Simon Nimoy in 1954 when he was 22 years old. Nimoy was an American actor, director, photographer, and poet. He was born on March 26, 1931, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, and is known for his role as Mr. Spock in the Star Trek series. He is the son of Jewish immigrants from Ukraine who are followers of Orthodox Judaism. Nimoy is one of the actors in this series who has managed to maintain a fruitful and coherent life and has not suffered from the shadows of this series. For many users, this actor had many faculties and abilities.

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Leonard Nimoy began his career in Boston as a child, studied at the Boston College Theater School. Since he was little, he was in the film world, and in 1951, he won a role in the movie Queen for a Day.

It was a small role, but he was very happy to work on that film; this job managed to get him other roles in different movies and theaters. He was a dynamic, energetic, and hyperactive man who worked in this industry.
By the 1950s, he accepted jobs as a pool cleaner, doorman, taxi driver, and a veterinarian. He spent 2 years in the United States Army and retired as a sergeant.

Sandra Zober Supported Her Husband All The Way

In the 1960s, he ventured into television, among the most significant works are: in 1961 The Twilight Zone, in 1962 The Untouchables, in 1964 The Outer limits and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Shortly after the series aired, Spock became one of the most prominent and popular characters in this series.

Leonards Death

Leonard Nimoy passed away on February 27, 2015, at age 83 in Los Angeles, California, United States. His death was from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and he was buried in Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery.


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Sandra Zober A Captivating And Charming Woman

Sandra Zober was a very beautiful actress, and her charm shone anywhere. She died of cardiac complications and was buried at Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

When she married, she served in the United States Army Department of Special Services. While married to Leonard Nimoy, they observed many Jewish holidays but were not involved in the other aspects that make up Judaism.

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Zober divorced at age 56 and in 1988 commented:

“I spent 15 years being the only woman who believed in Leonard Nimoy and fought with him.”

Sandra Zober

He also stated that she has a lot to do with what he has accomplished and where he is now.

At that time, she joined a support group of women divorced from Hollywood stars, and Initially, they called the group LADIES (Life after the divorce is finally healthy). Soon his name changed to Hollywood Bumpettes.
During her stay with Nimoy, they lived in a house in Westwood, in Los Angeles. And Zober lived in that house after her divorce until she died in 2011.

Children of Sandra Zober

Her son Adam Nimoy was born on August 9, 1956, in Los Angeles, California. He is an American television director, earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of California.

While her oldest is Julie Nimoy, she was born in Los Angeles in 1955. The people know her for her work on Microwarriors: Mortal Games, The origin and the destiny, Unexplained Bleeding.

The Death of Sandra

Sandra was a strong woman. She loved art, literature, and jazz. She participated actively in politics and belonged to the Democratic Party. All her relatives, acquaintances and close friends remember her for her generosity and her loving heart. Sandra was a loving, protective, and dedicated mother and grandmother. Her cause of death is unknown until today.

She was a woman loved and respected by her loved ones and died at the age of 87 on April 2, 2011, in Westwood, California, United States. She has five grandchildren named: Spencer Schwartz, Dani Schwartz, Jonah Nimoy, Alex Schwartz, and Maddy Nimoy. If you like reading about Celebrities, check out Dionne Lea Williams.

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Interview of Sandra Zobers Husband, Leonard Nimoy before his death.

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