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soleil asha gupta

Soleil Asha Gupta, daughter of Sanjay Gupta, is currently 6 years old and the daughter of Sanjay Gupta and Rebecca Gupta. Her Nationality is American/Indian and Ethnically she is Asian. For Sanjay, she is a little star, but there is not much information publicly about her. She has 2 Siblings. As she is a Child, she is currently not married or in any relationship. Her exact birth date remains unknown. She got famous as the daughter of Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Rebecca Olson Gupta and right from the start after she was born, it was clear that she was born with the best predispositions for life. She has rich and very experienced parents, although her parents are not huge Tv and Showbussines personalities. Soleil Asha Gupta’s parents are both famous for their work they have done for the world.

As Soleil Asha Gupta is a daughter of not one but two celebrities, she got to fame at a very early age.

We suspect its not the best environment for a child if you getting followers around by paparazzi. As long as she manages to deal with that, she has a prosperous future.

  1. The birthdate of Soleil Ash Gupta is a well-kept secret. The only thing we are able to tell is, she is around 6 years old. The couple keeps things around her children secret. Maybe it’s for the better.
  2. In contrary to her parents, there are no social media channels available to contact Asha Gupta. Probably she is too young for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook anyway.
  3. Her mother Rebecca Gupta is a well known and renowned lawyer. She married on May 15, 2004, and takes well care of their family.
  4. Soleil Asha Gupta has two sisters she grew up with. One is called Sage Ayla Gupta and the other one is Sky Anjahi Gupta.
  5. Both parents combined have a Net Worth of around 6 million $. She can afford anything she will ever want. That’s a great start in life isn’t it?
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Father of Soleil Asha Gupta (source: youtube)

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