Who is Dionne Lea Williams? Bio, Age, Job, Life

Dionne Lea Williams

Dionne Lea Williams is a Singer and Hollywood actress. Most of her popularity comes from being the wife of actor Keith David. Keith David is more popularly known as Dionne Williams. Dionne is born in Milwaukee in USA America.

Her full name is Dionne Lea Williams and her Nationality is the USA. Her Birthday is unknown to the public, therefore her exact age is not known. It is assumed, that she is in her mid-40s.
She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, or 167 in cm and her weight is assumed to be around 62kg.

dionne lea williams family
Dionnes Husband and children source

Profession and Family:

Her Main Profession is being an actress and she holds a Degree of Masters in Acting. There is not much known about her family as she keeps that information away from the public.
At the moment Dionne is Married to Keith David. They have 2 children, Ruby, and Maelee Williams.

There are no known social media channels to engage with Dionne so there are no Facebook Twitter or Instagram accounts available. Neither she has a Youtube channel.

Facts about Dionne Lea Williams that could interest you in the short form:

  • Born in Milwaukee WN USA.
  • No Date of birth or age available, probably being in her 40s.
  • 5 feet 6 inches tall.
  • No Twitter FB or any other social media appearance.
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Dionne Lea got married in 2001 to Keith David. The couple lives happily ever since.

Dionne Williams with her husband
Dionne Lea Williams with her Husband Keith Davids. Source click

There is no Net Worth estimation available about her, but it’s clear that she can afford a more than decent living with her career.

Dionne Williams has worked in famous movies such as American Fusion, Celeste Bright, and Hellbent.
She is around 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She weighs something around 62 kg, but no definitive data is available.

In contrary to Keith, her husband, she isn’t active on social media. Keith on the other hand posts regularly to his accounts. Here is his Instagram.

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Interview with Dionne Lea Williams

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