Who is Jackie Braasch? Bio Height, Net Worth

jackie brach and big chief

Jackie Braasch is one of the most well-known females in motorsports. She is well known for her excellent drag car racing skills. Her father is a car mechanic, that’s where the love for motors started.
Besides being a drag car racer and being heavily involved in the motorsport scene, she is also a preschool teacher and a member of Car Chix. Car Chix is a women’s motorsport organization that also regularly donates to charity.

Jackie right next to a big motor.

Jackie Braasch at young age. Motorsport Pur!


As a child, she started professional racing in the junior dragster division for children, highly encouraged by her father. Both very competitive, she became a regular in competitions such as “Super Pro” or the “Rocket Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series”. She joined the organization Car Chix in May 2015 after winning several championships. Quickly she became the new face of Car Chix.

She is sitting in a ultra light race car.

Besides being skillful on the track, she is also a great car mechanic. This is a woman who takes everything in her own hand. Most of her skills she learned from her Dad while working on race cars. Erinn Braasch, her sister, persues also a career of car racing.

Many would argue, the most important part of her life is her relationship with Justin Shearer who is known from television as Big Chief in the show Street Outlaws.

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Jackie is the second wife of Big Chief, after divorcing his first wife, he met her and fell in love with her. At the moment, as far as it is known they are still dating.

Big Chief and Jackie Braasch are now a couple. Gratulation!


Jackie Braasch, how tall is she?

Jackie Braasch is around 1.58 Meters tall, or 5 feet 2 inches.

How much does she weigh?

She weighs a little above 63 kilograms. That equates to around 135 pounds

How much is Jackie Braasch’s net worth?

It’s estimated that her complete earnings from all car industry related offers are above 1 million $

Does Jackie Braasch have kids?

In 2020, up until today, there were no children born

Quick Facts

  • Jackie Braasch Birthdate: Jackie Braasch was born on July 4, 1990.
  • Weight: 63KG / 139pounds
  • Height: 158cm / 5 feet 2inches
  • Children: No
  • Nationality: United States
  • Married: Not Yet

Anything else to know about Jackie Braasch?

Here you can see Jackie Braasch and Big Chief in action.

If you are in the motorsport scene, you cant get around Jackie Braasch. She is well established in the Car racing scene and one of the biggest names for the organization Car Chix. The Charity events, organized by Car Chix bring in huge amounts every year.
Since she was a small girl she was around cars with her father. Her father is a car Mechanic and also loves racing. That’s probably where the love for motorsport comes from. She was heavily influences by Card throughout her life. She got even more popular as the public got the news of the love for Big Chief, the star of the Discovery Channel television series Street Outlaws.

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