20 Most offensive doormats ever

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Everybody has seen the poor guys which in an effort to earn money, go from door to door to sell cookies or contracts. Now imagine on the end of a hard labor day, you get to the last house you got assigned to, and you see this doormat:

This doormat belongs obviously to somebody who just doesn’t give a f*ck what others think about him. Today political correctness is a thing that hampers our ability to think and write openly about anything. It is practically not possible to find something that goes against the stream.

In this case, however, I found 20 of the most offensive doormats that are swimming against the mainstream.

Offensive doormats exist since the early days of the Internet and people are using them since then.

The creators of the following doormats truly don’t give a single damn and neither should you. Spicy up your life with this awesome rude doormats.

20. This rude Doormat helps with social distancing also…

19. This doormat invites to a garage party.. i realy like this hairstyle

18. Looking at this doormat I anticipate fun!

17. Better don’t mess with the Rottweiler..

16. Wife dangerous, kids shady but the husband seems alright.

15. Here comes Trouble…

14. Easy to get mad, the explosive type of family.

13. Just don’t do religion or politics. At least not on the first visit.

12. I like the Font.

11. You need a break? stay safe and go home. Thats what the doormat wants.

10. I can’t pretend I understand this one, but seems to be rude..

9. Pictures say more than a thousand words. Even the deaf will understand now.

8. Click those heels and go… away

7. No drama lama. Keep the sh*t away from here.

6. Come in if you dare.

5. Uhh Huh. This Owl doormat protects this home.

4. Sometimes doormats are real life saver.

If you try to get in here, you’ll propably get shot. Keep Away.

3. Baby sleeping, better be quiet

If you like babys, go ahead. But for some people this doormat will helpfull. Not offensive, but original.

2. This doormat is used by a single for sure…

1. Never be a Prick. Try to be nice to people.

That’s an important message to remember. Never be a prick, be nice and value social relationships. An offensive doormat is funny, but being offensive to people is a bad habbit. Try to be an enrichment to others rather than a burden.

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