Motorcycle Chariot Racing is Dangerous 1920s

motorcycle chariot racing

We might feel that we might have seen everything that will racing as a good extremely entertaining sports activity has to provide today but Motorcycle Chariot Racing is extreme. Well….. not really quite. We have been yet to see the kind of racing sports activity which is yet in order to gain popularity today but that was extremely popular during the 1920s and 1930s. That sport had been Motorcycle Chariot Race.

According to pictures used around that time in countries across the world like Australia, Brand new Zealand, the USA plus some parts associated with Europe, this distinctive sport happened along with men and women driving chariots with motorcycles as an alternative to horses like they will used to within the Roman Era.

Based on Popular Mechanics journal, these chariots had been made from wines barrels for sports in 1922 along with automobile wheels connected to them with motorbikes in front plus “Charioteers” wearing roman era inspired outfits with motorbike riders in front that drove them throughout the race.
Because the sport developed, more than a single motorcycle was connected to the chariot and was powered by the “charioteer” himself as opposed to a rider which must have been difficult to control making use of only a pair of reins seemingly made of leather.

A single method must have been to attach each rein to every individual motorcycle’s throttle, allowing the speed to steer the chariot by controlling both motorcycles at the same time at various rates of speed.

Some riders got daring risks within driving, as observed in this image, where a driver dressed like the racer like they will did throughout the roman era is driving with three motorbikes attached to the particular chariot.

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Ben Hur was a imaginary character in a novel authored by Lew Wallace which later inspired the producing of a film in 1959 of the same name which usually went on in order to win 11 School awards with the key attraction being the title character who else was a popular charioteer during the Roman Era.

Sadly not much is known about this sport nowadays, although there continue to be some motor cycle chariots racing lovers that are trying to keep it in existence.

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