Wiccan Greetings and the Pagan Witchcraft

wiccan greeetings

Do you know what Wiccan Greetings are?

Wiccan Greetings, or Witch Greetings are special greetings used by the Wicca (Pagan Witchcraft).

This is a Wicka cat on a clock
Wicca love cats.

Wiccan Greetings:

  • “Merry meet” is a Wiccan Greeting. Sometimes you will hear the short form or just “MM”.
  • Alternatively, there is “Blessed be”. This is also a common Wiccan greeting which you will hear often and Sometimes its also used as Abbreviation “BB”. In this case, you can answer jokingly “blessed bees”.
  • Bright Blessings alternatively.

This is like “Hi” or “nice to meet you”

Wiccan Partings:

  • “Merry part” is a Wiccan parting.
  • Merry Meet Again

Both basically means, “Goodbye”, or “See you soon”.

What is Wicca?

Wicca or Pagan Witchcraft is a modern Religion. Contrary to popular belief it’s not that old as you might guess. Gardner and Doreen Valiante formed the religion around the 1940s. While this Religion is decentralized, there are some disagreements about the exact rules and traditions, but Wiccan greetings are almost always part of them.

Whats the difference between PaganismWicca and Witchcraft?

Wiccas use greetings when two of them meet. They don’t use these greetings with people outside their cult.

Most Wicca believe there is something greater in life, some energy force that doesn’t rule the universe but is the universe. This is embedded in their belief in the form of a “God” and “Goddess”. This is, allegedly, used to make the concept easier to grasp for a human mind.

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There are also some groups, which even use names like isis Odin pan or Dianna, but this is not that common. Most Wicca will refer to them as “Goddes”

How do Witches see other Religions like Islam or Christianity? Are Witches “Anti other Religions”?

Under normal circumstances Witchcraft ist overall very tolerant of other views. Engaging in criticizing other people’s beliefs would violate their basic rule of “don’t harm anybody”.

Conclusion: The Pagan Witchcraft religion with all their Wicca greetings and rules are no different from other religions in many senses. They worship a God if you can call it like that. Like in other religions they have ceremonies, but in contrary to Christianity they may seem a bit strange to us.

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Wicca and paganism has been around since the beginning of time. For a reason of course.. But in the end if it’s not for you then it’s not for you. May you find the best way for you… Not much more to say… Blessed day


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