Childrens Hair grow so fast, unbelievable!

This post is a bit different than the normal stories. I was looking for a good thinning scissor to reduce the amount of hair my little Tommy has on his head. As propably not many know, i live in Austria, so most of the time we use Amazon to order our products. This time i was in the supermarket and bought the crappiest Scissors i could get. Not on purpose, i actually tought this thing will last a while but – spoiler – it didn’t!

Thats how you test the sharpenes of your scissors.

After just one Hair cut, this think literally fel apart.

I almost cut a piece out of his ear. Not a great expirience. I rushed back to the store and returned it asap, luckily i got a full refund! At least something. then the search continued. Finally i found a german site that was testing stuff from Amazon. In this case a so called “Effilierschere”. this means in German language something like “Hair thinning Scissors”. Here is a link to the test (Test der 3 besten Effilierscheren), altought its propably of no use, only if you have german language skills. I think this article is somewhat similar, but in english. So i bought the “best” one in this comparison and what can i say. It works! and it works great. It doesn’t fall apart like the last one and it cuts realy well. So if somebody lives in germany, austria or switzerland, and is looking for hair thinning scissors, the “Kovira Profi Effilierschere” is a great buy!

So after all the hassle, Tommy got a new Haircut and is happy. And i wont buy any Supermarket crap if i want to get something good. Thats the conclusion i guess.

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