Is Pupula Duplex a Real Condition? Now Solved!

pupula duplex example

Is pupula duplex a real condition?

Have you heard of pupula duplex ever? It is known to be a very rare condition where an individual has two irises as well as two pupils in one eye. It is Latin words for “double pupil”. As it is extremely rare, some people believe it to be only a myth. There is no such evidence that it is real. All the photos present all over the internet looks photoshopped.

Does pupula duplex exist?

Two pupils disorder rumour started post a story of Liu Ch’ung in 995 AD who was believed to have two pupils in one eye. He was the Chinese minister of state and although he suffered from the disorder he could still see without any difficulty. Since the only evidence behind pupula duplex is a myth and there is no such real backing it is quite likely that pupula duplex is not real and does not exist. Moreover if it existed then the affected person will suffer from symptoms similar to that of Pseudopolycoria, a real condition in which an individual has a hole in his iris. It may be possible that Liu Ch’ung actually suffered from Pseudopolycoria rather than pupula duplex.

His wax statue is present in Ripley’s museums for instance in London. The wax statues depict an individual with double pupil eyes; four irises along with four pupils. But this can also be merely the concept of an artist and also possible inaccurate. It can also be an incorrect picture of Polycoria.

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The Evil Eye, is it the same as a double pupil?

You will find its mention in fiction and it has been called the envious “Evil Eye” too by ancient writers. In the year 2013, there was a Wikipedia page that was maintained briefly and it present this to be a real condition. The author later admitted that he was tricked and pupula duplex is a hoax. Robert Ripley the famous man of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not has also said that in the year 1931, he met Henry Hawn, a man with double pupil eye who resided in Mills, Kentucky. No photos of Henry are also known to exist. And there are no cases of this disorder that have been reported by any professional. Although a condition named Polycoria does exist. A person suffering from it will have two pupils in an eye and it appears like this:

Bottom line: Pupula Duplex little evidence.

Pupula Duplex is not used in modern ophthalmology. The original early meaning of the term has been debated. It could have also possibly included some explanations such as the current definition of polycoria or other eye conditions. A little evidence about a condition where a number of irises as well as pupils in the same eye is present. Along with no medical evidence to support it, there is no photo evidence too to support this alleged condition. Polycoria photo evidence is available but there are no photos that resemble the condition that has been shown in the wax statue of Liu Ch’ung. Pupula duplex does not exist in medical literature and without any actual evidence. Do you want to read another unbelievable story? Try Angus Barbieri, he fasted for over 1 year and in this process, he lost over 250 pounds!

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